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The Swedish Scholarship Award 2015

Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology is one of Sweden's largest and most highly acclaimed technological universities with 11,000 students and 2,500 employees. Students and teachers are grouped into 17 departments and 200 different research groups. The academic environment at the university stems from a close relationship with industry and society, in an effort to internationalize the education offered and achieve higher standards of teaching and research. The university is highly progressive and is known both locally and globally for education, research and innovation. With approximately 1,000 international master’s students, and with both students and teachers from various cultural backgrounds, the experience at Chalmers is designed to broaden your horizons and provide access to an extensive network.

At Chalmers you will learn to think independently, and to meet future challenges with the help of engineering methods. The university emphasises your creativity and believes in the necessity of free thinking, so you can be sure that you will able to test your own ideas in real situations. To facilitate an open environment and a close cooperation between students and teachers, we pursue a truly informal atmosphere. As a part of the international aspect of the school, all teaching is done in English.

Through project-based assignments we provide hands-on experience; students work with others in teams in everything from planning and organizing, to meeting deadlines and presenting results. Through these projects you also learn to apply your theoretical knowledge in tackling complex problems – a necessary approach to real-life situations.

The Master’s programs at Chalmers are strongly linked to advanced research in many areas. Chalmers is ranked 175 in the world by QS 2014 and is also among the top 100 universities on some of the following QS subject specific ranking lists; Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Connections to industry

The master’s programs in the department of Technology Management Economics boast strong business and industry connections, which offer benefits to students both during and after their studies. This connection begins right on the Chalmers campus, where many of the professors are part of an innovative research-industry collaboration. This research covers areas like innovation and entrepreneurship, team based entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial behavior, social entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, organizational renewal, intellectual property business development and action based education, and other current business practices and problems at the Center for Business Innovation at Chalmers, which receives funding from Vinnova. The school also maintains a close collaboration with the Gothenburg innovation system and experienced entrepreneurs.

During studies, students benefit from these connections through guest lectures, joint research projects, master’s thesis opportunities, and applied projects that deal with current business issues. Some of the programs include projects with companies that the school has cooperations with, such as SKF, Volvo Trucks and the Region of Västra Götaland.

The strong relationship between Chalmers education and industry provides many students with international internship opportunities, and can even lead to business and employment opportunities post graduation.

Student testimonials

Evelina, Management Consultant

In my role as a consultant I face new challenges daily. I have made great use of the many practice cases and case-solving methods that I learned during my time in the Technology Management and Economics department. I also constantly use the strategic thinking that the programs in this department develop in students - particularly when I am working on projects concerning setting a company’s goals and targets. In these types of projects it is important to understand, correctly interpret and start from the company’s central strategy.

Vendela, Business Developer

The Technology Management and Economics department has given me a strong interest in innovation and development, an increased understanding of collaboration, and increased understanding of both my own and others’ behavior when working in a group. I have learned many lessons from working in and planning projects. I have gained knowledge of business models, market plans, and useful tools for creating all of these things. I have learned research methods for how to collect and use data. I have gained the opportunity to communicate and learn in an international climate. Overall, I have gained a knowledge base that can be used in more branches than one would think.