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Gothenburg, or Göteborg in Swedish, offers international students a beautiful and stimulating environment to study their master’s! Sweden’s second largest city, and the largest port in the Nordic countries, the metropolitan area of Gothenburg is home to almost a million people, many of whom come from diverse international backgrounds. A true cultural center, Gothenburg holds several big festivals every year, including the International Science Festival (which Chalmers contributes to), the Göteborg International Film Festival, multiple music festivals, and sports events. This cultural environment has made Gothenburg the home of many of Sweden’s most famous musical talents, who often celebrate the city in their music.

Gothenburg is a strong industrial center. Companies such as Volvo, SKF, ESAB, Stena Line and Hasselblad AB were founded in and maintain their main offices in the city. The fashion industry also has made a home here. Brands such as Intersport, MQ, Lindex, Nudie Jeans and Kappahl call Gothenburg home! In addition, many actors in the medical industry such as AstraZeneca, Nobel Biocare and the Sahlgrenska university hospital are rapidly expanding in Gothenburg, and are employing a growing number of people in the Gothenburg metropolitan area. The innovative character of the city is contagious, and affects all aspects of life in the city, from business to science, from food to music.

It is no wonder that international students love Gothenburg. According to the International Student Barometer* (2012) it is ranked as the number one best city for students worldwide. Read more about Gothenburg here.

Study in Sweden: a free and open society leads to…

Ideas and innovation

In Sweden, innovative ideas and new ways of thinking are cultivated and encouraged in an inclusive, dialogue-based climate. The focus is on translating theory into practical results by applying research to real-world problems.

Swedish society and the student environment

Sweden offers a non-hierarchical and egalitarian environment where teachers and students from around the world collaborate in an informal and creative setting. Students have a direct influence, collectively and as individuals.

Creativity and culture

Sweden is a fun, dynamic and exciting country to study in. In Sweden, you are part of a culture that readily adopts new ideas and influences and attaches great importance to exchange with the outside world. As part of a dynamic international student body, you both learn from and influence your classmates’ perspectives.


In Swedish academic culture, students practice thinking long-term and thinking sustainably: useful skills for your future and the planet’s. Sweden has a long tradition of actively pursuing global efforts in sustainable development.

A Free State.
Of Mind.

In Sweden, everyone speaks two world languages: English and Equality. Studying in Sweden means being encouraged to think critically and creatively, individually and in groups. You work closely with teachers and students from many different backgrounds in an informal atmosphere where everyone’s opinion counts.

Close ties between higher education and the private sector give students the opportunity to apply theory to real-world problems. All in a free, open and safe society with a long tradition of teamwork and co-creation. Here, it’s easier to spend time in the freest place on earth--your own mind.

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*The International Student Barometer

The ISB survey is developed and administered by the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) and has been responded by exchange students and other international students. It's the world’s largest student survey with over 160,000 students at 193 universities in 14 countries. In the 2012 survey 9 Swedish universities participated.