Challenge Your Perspectives

The Swedish Scholarship Award 2015


One deserving winner will be granted a full tuition fee waiver to their choice of one of four master’s programs at Chalmers University of Technology’s department of Technology Management and Economics, worth approximately 40,000 USD.

Volvo will also offer a summer job in 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can read more about Volvo's opportunities for students on their website.

The grand prize winner and two finalists will also receive a trip to the prize ceremony in May 2015, with domestic travel and accommodation paid for by the competition organizer.


Technology Management and Economics

The department of Technology Management and Economics focuses on the interaction between technology and society in an economic and social context. The department offers a creative and stimulating environment, combining theory from engineering with theory from economics and behavioral science.

In addition to the programs themselves, Chalmers creates meeting places for academia, society and industry. Cooperation with industry partners lets the university establish the conditions for sustainable development locally and globally. These industry partnerships and Chalmers’ innovation system also give students and researchers the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and develop their own ideas, identify opportunities for development within their own research, and convert ideas into businesses. This leads to growth for both society and enterprise.

The department runs four master’s programs, any of which the winner of Challenge Your Perspectives 2015 may choose to attend! The four programs are the following:

Entrepreneurship and Business Design

Students in the Entrepreneurship and Business Design master’s program develop the ability needed to create value for people and organizations, harness their entrepreneurial skills, and utilize innovation. This program encourages teaching by doing and offers the opportunity to combine a unique, world class education with hands on experiences assessing innovative ideas, starting companies, driving social entrepreneurship projects and working on entrepreneurial projects within large corporations. In this way, students emerge able to understand the complexity of entrepreneurship and of identifying needs, problems and solutions, and become key players in the realization and commercialization of ideas and innovations. Graduates thus bridge the gap between research and business management.

The nature of this program has lead to more than 50 companies being formed over the past 15 years. Alumni work for new ventures and in existing start-ups and growth companies. Those who join larger, more established companies or consultancies bring the ability to understand complexity and business and a willingness and ability to create change. Read more about this program.

Management and Economics of Innovation

This master’s program focuses on how and why companies innovate and how companies can be competitive and reap financial returns from their investments in innovation. Students learn advanced business management and economics in relation to business knowledge and are trained to analyze, understand and skillfully manage innovation processes in companies and other areas of society. Graduates have the skills and thorough knowledge of how to handle the challenges and opportunities of innovation in a financially successful way.

Management and Economics of Innovation trains you by combining extensive and industry-based practical training with critical analysis, putting theories and methods to effective use. Graduates go on to work in the business sector as management consultants, technology/industry analysts, project managers, product developers, R&D managers, business developers, in corporate venturing, hi-tech entrepreneurship, venture capital, government policy-making agencies, NGOs, universities and institutions commercialising science and technology. Read more about this program.

Quality and Operations Management

This program teaches students to improve business processes in order to realize and utilize their potential. This allows them to improve the ways that new and existing products and services are developed and delivered through improvement techniques such as Six Sigma, Lean Production and Lean Product Development. Engineers with the competence required for leading quality driven change processes are crucial in today’s business environment. The Quality and Operations Management program gives students a thorough understanding of tools for identifying customer needs and business opportunities. This includes training in leadership, project management and change management skills needed to manage the process of developing products and services, using both qualitative and quantitative tools, and production and delivery processes in manufacturing and service.

Graduates work as quality and improvement process facilitators, problem solvers or change agents, production, quality or product development engineers or project managers, Six Sigma Black Belts, as well as as managers, consultants or academic researchers. Read more about this program.

Supply Chain Management

This program focuses on the design, management and improvement of supply chain management strategies, which companies can use to improve their competitiveness. Students develop skills in purchasing, logistics, marketing, transport and production. These skills are developed through problem-based learning through quantitative and qualitative models. This area is becoming increasingly technical, creating a golden opportunity for engineers to take on managerial positions in marketing, logistics, purchasing, transportation and production.

Students in Supply Chain Management gain enhanced theoretical knowledge and comprehensive practical experience of related concepts, which allows them to improve the way in which a company finds what it needs to produce a product or service and deliver it to its customers. Graduates have gone on to work at large multinational firms such as Volvo, Scania, SKF, Skanska, Nestlé, Porsche, Procter & Gamble, Quicksilver DHL, Schenker and IBM, as well as top-flight consultancy firms such as McKinsey, BCG and ADL. Other students take on management positions in small and medium-sized companies, or are academic researchers. Read more about this program.